Manifestations of ChiKung

Master Zi Sheng Wang, pre-eminent Qigong healer, has been studying Qigong for almost 60 years.

He has developed the unique ability to transmit energy to tens of thousands at a time, even across vast distances.

The International Chinese Medicine Congress honored him as the Most Outstanding Qigong Master of the Year in 1998, and he is recognized as one of China's foremost energy healers.

In Beijing, he has coached some of China's top athletes.

He is a board member and advisor of many Chinese Qigong associations, and is the founder and president of the San Francisco based International Tibetan Qigong Association.

He has also authored the book, 'The Path of Dzogchen'.

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Ring of Energy/Chi

Overhead Energy/Chi

Healing with Chi





The Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet

Hidden inside Nature are a myriad of mysterious and powerful forces. The Ancients were highly advanced spiritual masters who observed that the life force flowing in nature, in the mountains waterfalls and oceans, was the same life force flowing in Human Nature, in its body, mind, and spirit.

These Masters called the Wholeness of Nature, 'Tao', and the invisible breath of Nature they called 'Qi' ... Chi. ...

For the last 8,000 years the masters have designed special spiritual exercises to improve their physical health and to attune their spirit to Nature's Primordial Forces.

About 800 years ago a Tao Master called Chang Sang Fong created a Chi Kung form that later became famous as Tai Chi Chuan, extremely useful for Self-Defence. He also created a special form called Wuji Qigong that was mostly kept secret but was preserved by being passed down through a lineage of Masters.

The magical, graceful movements of this form are designed to gather the Chi or Life Force from the four Cardinal Directions, and from Mother Earth, and from the Source Star of the Heavens ....

This Chi when in the body connects you to the deepest centre of your being known as Wuji. Wuj literally means Supreme Unknown, also translated as the Primordial or the Divine Space from which all Creation arises. In western terms the Wuji is the Godhead from which the Primordial Powers of Nature flow.

The Tao Masters did not consider the Centre of the Universe was above our head but rather deep inside our body. Primordial Chi Kung is a magical graceful form and an extremely healing experience that takes us deeply into our own Primordial Essence.

Tantric Mysticism of Tibet (Lamaism) is popular in Mongolia and certain areas of China, including but not limited to Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, and includes other provinces like Sichuan, Qing Hai, Yunnan, Sikang and Gansu ...

It is said that Tibetan lamas (Tantric scholars) can travel hundreds of miles in seconds, and that they possess magical powers of telepathy and sexual prowess. They are alleged to be formidable martial artists because of the "qi" they have developed through their mystical training. To what extent is this true? This article will present information that will clarify what may be developed through training and what may be imagined by true believers and storytellers.

Qi is a biological signal carried by electromagnetic waves, much as music is carried on radio waves. The signal controls the various functions of the body for good or ill, similar to the way in which different types of music have different effects on one's state of mind. Qi training can be used for helping to heal a variety of illnesses, including different types of cancer. Qi training is being used to enhance such psychic powers as clairvoyance and psychic healing.

Qi training is also a valuable tool in sports and physical performance. It improves the speed of motor nerve transmission and retards and even reverses some of the effects of aging.

Tibetan Chi Kung was begun by ancient societies high in the mountains of the Himilayas. Tibetan Buddhism has always been kept secret and isolated from the outside world ....

Tibetan Qigong (pronounced chi kung) restores health, enhances joy, and promotes the natural development of spiritual and intellectual powers.

The Tibetan Qigong system focuses on quieting the body, speech and mind, dissolving the barriers of relative perception, and revealing the true nature of existence. Every person has the ability to heal and to develop his or her full potential through simple resonance of movement, sound and intention. This practice enables one to access healing energy.

As discussed previously, Qigong is the root of traditional Chinese medicine. With over five thousand years of history, it is one of the oldest and most tested of medical practices. The documented benefits of emitted Qi include reversal of disorders affecting all the major systems of the body, particularly chronic conditions such as asthma, arthritis and diabetes, as well as cancer, immune deficiency, endocrine, heart and psychological problems ...

The ancient practice of Qigong was brought from India to China where it found a home in China's Shaolin Temple.

Qigong was also embraced by Tibetan Buddhists, with the Tibetan form of practice remaining pure and virtually unaltered for millennia because of Tibet's isolation. It was handed down through the centuries by only the highest level monks. Master Wang learned Tibetan Qigong from a high level Tibetan Qigong Master, Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, who was the 11th lineage holder descended from Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.

'Empty Force' in the Buqi System

In my life I have studied with a number of great masters and consequently I have met some extremely interesting people, and naturally I have tried different techniques at different times .... However, never have I come upon a method which takes care of body and mind so harmoniously and in which healing self and healing others become one. I was most honored to experience the existence of 'Empty Force' and to discover that even I could learn how to use it, and needless to say,. I was more than happy to learn about binqi and the Secret of staying healthy.

'Empty Force' has become the topic of the day since the book on Empty Force by Dong and Raffil introduced it to the general public. Dr. Shen Hongxun is a key exponent, having done extensive research and practice for 46 years. Even from several meters away, he can use the Force to move another person without laying a finger on them ....

This Force is called in Chinese 'Ling Kong Jin', which literally translates as 'Distance Force'. However, in the Taiji world the abbreviation 'KongJin' is used ...'Empty Force'.

Many 'LingKongJin' practitioners utilise 'Empty Force to' play with their 'students'. Very often they stand behind the student (or several students) and without them knowing it, they pull them, push them, and make them jump or roll. Moreover, they can apply this Force with high precision. The picture shown here was taken during a practice session and shows the student 'flying' through the air....

In actual fact, everybody has the latent ability to use this Force, only we do not know it. However, through certain exercises we can learn how to use this Force.

Additionally we can learn the Art of 'Qi BaGua'.

In practising this art, we walk in a specific way in a circle, and try to push either a central post, or an 'opponent' who is also walking on the circle. In the beginning we are not really that successful, but after 4 or 5 times most students notice that they can indeed influence the movements of an opponent from a distance.

How can one access and send out 'Empty Force'?

To do this, one has to totally organise mind and body.

First of all, the mind needs to concentrate strongly. For instance, if you want to push 1kg for 1m, you must concentrate as if you want to push 100kg for 100m. The body's organisation starts from the abdominal muscles which lead the organisation of all other muscles. There are two kinds of muscles: the large muscles which we normally use, such as the biceps, and the small muscles, closer to the skeleton, which are less commonly used. We try to relax the big muscles as much as possible. The small muscles can then become active and can be used for stretching. Consequently, the joints can open one by one from the torso via the shoulderblades, shoulders and elbows to the hands. This creates space for the flow of the body fluids and energy substances.

Developing Healing Force

In organising the body to apply empty force, breathing also plays an important role. The outbreath creates a downward force on the diaphragm, which strengthens the flow of the body fluids to the hands and feet. When this flow reaches the hands, mental force is used to send out to the patient's body.

If we want to send out a strong empty force, we must also be strongly rooted because then we can use the earth force. Its vibration force can rise in the body, meet the energy force in the belly and together rise further, through the spine, and, at the height of the shoulder blades, divide and move via the arms to the hands and be sent out to the patient's body.

The use of empty force demands the co-ordination of the whole organism. Empty force can only be applied when all bodily forces are concentrated into one direction. The force to do this also demands many nutritious substances. As Dr. Shen Hongxun puts it: 'Empty force is not empty'.

Ancient people used Empty Force for fighting and killing as well as healing .... Professor Yao HuanZi, was the first to use Empty Force for healing others. From this information, together with his own knowledge of TCM and Western medicine, Dr. Shen developed the Buqi Healing system.

People often translate Qi as Energy.

They think that keeping or concentrating the Qi in to the upper or lower Dantian, or in other parts of the body, is a way of maintaining health and securing a long life. Dr.Shen Hongxun does not agree with the idea of Qi being called 'Energy'.

He often tells us the story of the He XianZhuan incident ... You see, the He XianZhuan Qigong system was introduced to China on a very large scale. It taught people to concentrate the Qi to one's hands, chest or belly and then from a short distance, push it into one's head. After only one year, more than 40,000 practitioners had become crazy. As many people again had other kinds of abnormal reactions.

The central idea in Dr. Shen Hongxun's teaching is exactly the opposite ... One must start by pushing the Qi (binqi or the pathogenic factors) out of the body.

Only at a much later stage will one concentrate the Qi in the dantian.

Buqi is a system to heal self and others. An important point is the use of Empty force for expelling binqi.

This enables doctors and healers to give treatment without touching the patient, and in this way they are able to touch the patient on a much deeper than just the physical, including on the emotional level. First, diagnosis must establish the location and type of binqi. Then, according to the principles of the double vicious circles and binqi theory, empty force is applied to take binqi out directly or indirectly by activation of nerves, hormonal glands, meridians, muscles etc.

For practitioners to use Empty Force in treatment, they must first do exercises to develop this ability. The principle of these exercises is expulsion of Binqi, so body and mind become pure. Only then can the Buqi healer send out vital information.

In fact, everybody knows what Binqi is, we simply do not have a name for it. Doctors often meet patients suffering from rheumatism who tell them that pain is moving in their body, e.g. from the left arm to the right leg. Also during massage it can happen that pain moves up and down the limbs. We call it the reaction of 'pain-moving'. Not only pain, but also itching, swelling or red spots can move. These are caused by negative pathogenic factors, which we call binqi.

I want you to do a simple test so you can see the binqi for yourself. Stand firmly with the weight on the front of the foot and push towards the wall with arms outstretched and hands open.

Try to relax the muscles as much as possible and stretch the arms at the same time. Do this for about 5 minutes. Now look at your hands: what you see is a map of binqi which has moved to the hands: white spots under the skin means anger-binqi; grey-blue colour is sadness-binqi, red spots is fire-binqi; if the fingertips feel cold it refers to cold-Binqi ...

Why does one have Binqi?

To answer the question we must turn to Dr. Shen Hongxun's theory of the double vicious circles and Binqi.

A long lasting poor body posture will affect one or more inter-vertebral spaces, provoking an abnormal pressure on the nucleus of the inter-vertebral disc.

The nucleus has a spongy quality as it is filled with liquid (body fluid). If compressed over too long a period the endosmosis meets obstruction. It becomes very difficult for liquid to enter the nucleus and the nucleus cannot return to its original state. The loss of its vitality together with spasms in the neighbouring muscles causes the narrowing of the corresponding inter-vertebral space. The circulation of blood and other body fluids in this area is then disturbed.

Consequently, waste products (binqi) stagnate in the inter-vertebral space. Moreover, the narrowing of the inter-vertebral space will cause the vertebral body to irritate one or several nerves. If a sympathetic nerve is touched, it will influence the blood supply to the corresponding organs at the opposite side; waste products will stagnate in these organs and in the long run disease may occur.

In the neck area, inter-vertebral arteries pass through the inter-vertebral foramen and transport blood through the basilar artery into the brain. Any cervical inter-vertebral space affected, or any cervical vertebral body out of its position, can cause one or more corresponding vertebral arteries to fold. The blood circulation to the brain is disrupted, which means less oxygen and less nutritious substances can be used. Moreover, as there is less blood flow to take away the waste products (binqi), the functioning of certain brain centres will be affected. It can cause dizziness, and in serious cases, numbness and even coma. Therefore the information transmission to the organs and tissues becomes blurred, and disease can occur.

Negative emotions can produce certain chemicals with different qualities. For instance, in the case of anger, a gas is produced. Normally this gas can leave the body via the hands and the feet. If there is a too high volume of this gas in the body, it will accumulate on the diaphragm, creating a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the chest. If this gas starts moving, it can attack the surrounding organs or any joint(s) in the body. This production of negative emotion we call emotional binqi.

Every day people produce binqi and expel binqi out of the body. If binqi cannot leave the body for some reason or other, however, it will stagnate and cause an uncomfortable feeling such as pain, itching, numbness or swelling. Therefore to diagnose any disease one should first find the cause of binqi stagnation. Treatment of many types of disease can be done successfully by expelling binqi. Acupuncture as well as herb therapy knows this, but only with Dr.Shen has it become clear and received its full emphasis. All the exercises for Taijiwuxigong Selfhealing and Buqi Healing he designed following this principle. It explains why qigong exercises in which one concentrates Qi to the head or to the belly can create abnormal reactions.

Results and Reactions on 'Empty Force'

Dr. Shen calls us laughingly, 'supermen' and 'superwomen' during the Buqi classes when 'empty force' is practised. To practice the Buqi techniques, we always work in pairs. When we use the empty force on each other, it often gives surprising results: symptoms such as pain, stiffness, numbness, heaviness etc, disappear. Also remarkable are the emotional changes we go through when we practice techniques that take away emotional binqi. When we take binqi out of the chest, the person sometimes feels as if a stone falls from his heart.

... A Theory only proves itself Rght by its Results ....

The SuperNatural Path of Chi Kung

~ Yan Xin QiGong ~

Tales of extraordinary human feats have always been associated with Qigong.

The phenomenon of 'Exceptional Human Function' (EHF) has created quite a bit of interest in the world's scientific communities.(5,6) It would be irresponsible to claim that EHF is fully proven to the satisfaction of western rational research science. Much of the research done in China does not meet the extreme and rigorous parameters of the scientific method. However, there are many research institutes in China that are enthusiastically exploring EHF and Qigong.

EHF has manifested in a large number of cases where children have had unusual and extraordinary abilities. These are the famous psychic children of China who have been documented as being able to read messages that are inside of locked vaults and see through objects.

In his book, 'Encounters With Qi', David Eisenberg a Harvard trained doctor reveals his experience of two sisters who live near Beijing with "exceptional human function". These young girls were able, repeatedly, to tell what a group of researchers had written on papers that they could not have seen.

Dr. Eisenberg also tells of his experience at the Qigong Research laboratories of the Shanghai Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A Qigong master named Lin Ho-sheng caused the movement of an object from a distance of several feet in an environment where no other force could have affected the object. It has been found that EHF is maintained and perpetuated by the practice of Qigong.

Qigong has been found to support the development of EHF in certain practitioners who were not born with the skill. In children whose EHF abilities were slipping away with age it was found that the abilities could be regenerated or induced through the use of Qigong exercises.

Yan Xin Qigong And Modern Sciences Yan Xin Qigong involves a close relationship with the physical sciences. In China today, there are dozens of high level Qigong practitioners who work, to various degree, with research institutions. However, not one of these practitioners have come close to what Dr. Yan Xin has accomplished both in China and in the United States in promoting the scientific study of Qigong. Dr. Yan Xin was the first person in China's history to cooperate with the best research institutes in China and America. To date, Dr. Yan Xin has conducted over two-hundred scientific studies, many of which have been published in reputable academic journals. No other practitioner or master of Qigong have been able to repeat Dr. Yan Xin's experiments to any significant degree. Among Dr. Yan Xin's published Qigong experiments are ...

* The change of the Raman spectroscopy of water molecules.

* The change of the molecular structure of DNA and RNA.

* The change of the surface structure of cancer cells.

* The reduction of the radiation half-life of isotope Am (241) dramatically -- a previously impossible task by any known physical means.

* The creation of a prolonged "Bi-gu" (a non-eating state in which one does not eat food because one feels full all the time, intrinsically different from common fast) that lasted for almost six years.

More on Scientific Research and External ChiThe external Qi of Yan Xin Qigong has been scientifically detected and her effects on matters and organisms rigorously measured

During the last 15 years, a considerable number of accomplished scientists from leading universities and research institutes in China and the US, such as Tsinghua University, the University of California (UCSD, UCLA) and Harvard University, have applied modern scientific methods and protocols to investigate biological, chemical, and physical effects of Yan Xin Qigong (YXQ) in critical areas of life science, physical sciences and technology. Some of Yan Xin Qigong research projects have been supported by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. A large body of scientific data on Yan Xin Qigong phenomena and effects have been scientifically documented. They have been reviewed by Chairman (now honorary Chairman) of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, Dr. Qian Xuesen (Tsien Hsue-Shen), to be "new scientific discoveies and the prelude to scientific revolution" (photo). Prof. Hans-Peter Duerr, colleague and successor of Werner Heisenburg as Director of Institute of Theoretical Phyiscs in Germany proclaimed the Yan Xin Qigong research results to be "within my window of acceptance." (Photo).

These data have established that external Qi of Yan Xin Qigong ...

* physically exists.

* can interact with and affect matter from molecular to atomic levels.

* can affect the fundamental components of living organisms (water, sugar,

* cell membrane, proteins, DNA and RNA).

* can recognize and optimize genetic properties without adverse effects.

* can be applied in biotechnology, materials processing and chemical reactions.

Use Qigong to Develop Intelligence The fact that qigong can develop people's intelligence has already been confirmed by many qigong practitioners' personal experience and by scientific experiments. Those who have looked at measurements of brain wave activity and brain blood flow during or after qigong practice has discovered that qigong can increase the supply of blood to the brain and the bio-electricity levels in the brain. It allows brain cell activities to be in an ideal state, as to reduce fatigue, slow down aging, and to maintain an active state during their life-span. That is to say, a person will not age easily. Besides this, a person's intelligence can be easily increased, their memory, sensitivity, and synergy can get stronger. Therefore, developing intelligence is rather obvious. Qigong Changes Water Structure

The appearance of a large peak in the Raman spectrum demonstrated that the structure of liquid water was changed under the effect of qi. Modern biology recognizes that the structure and function of a molecule are closely correlated such that molecular structural changes lead to functional changes. Thus it is reasonable to think that the qi-treated water would function differently than the untreated water and the new functions of the qi-treated water enables certain physiological adjustments of the human body. Although a lot more work is needed to confirm this hypothesis by medical science, we can no longer categorically say that qigong treatment is only psychological therapy or that it is ordinary water plus superstition. Furthermore, since water constitutes 55 to 67 percent of our body weight, the possibility certainly exists that Qi emission by a qigong master causes water within a patient's body to have structure changes thereby adjusting certain physiological conditions of the patient. Exploring the Mechanisms of Yan Xin Qigong Healing

The healing effects of Yan Xin Qigong have been well documented in scientific research in China, the U.S. and elsewhere. Scientists are currently exploring the reasons behind these effects and it is proving difficult to obtain a complete answer. The following are some of possible mechanisms of Yan Xin Qigong healing effects.

* Ideally Improving and Regulating the Functions of the Nervous System.

* Ideally Improving and Regulating the Functions of the Circulatory System.

* Ideally Improving the Functions of the Respiratory System.

* Ideally Improving and Regulating the Function of the Digestive System.

* Ideally Improving the Function of the Endocrine System.

* Positively Affecting Changes in the Muscular and Skeletal Systems.

* Adjusting Skin Temperature and Controlling the Body Temperature Center.

* Adjusting the Electric Potential of the Skin and Changing the Electrical Resistance of the Body.

* Ideally Improving and Regulating the Immune Function of the Human Body.

* Enabling Human Beings to Emit External Qi and Transfer Energy.

Practicing Qigong for Healing Family Members

When one person practices qigong and the entire family benefits, it naturally includes helping family members adjust their body and improve their health. The method is to think of the family member's most healthy state. You can also induce simultaneous movements during qigong practice. It is best to do this when there are family members with illness around you, and it is best not to touch them. Since it is family, and spontaneous movements are similar to acupressure and massage in Chinese medicine, touching them is also alright. But, it is best to keep some distance when having movements or adjusting the body. This way, it can reduce the interference from the psychological nervousness of the person receiving the adjustments.

The Science of Yan Xin Qigong Pain Control

Qigong can exert a tremendous influence over the muscular motion system. Practicing internal qigong is better than practicing martial arts since qigong can produce, in the brain and intestinal walls, large amounts of enkephalin, and excite the body s morphine receptors to accept the enkephalin easily. Enkephalin is a naturally occurring substance of the endorphin family in the human body. Everyone has this substance, but ordinarily don t produce large amounts of enkephlin. Its analgesic or pain relieving effect is many times more effective than that of morphine. A good qigong practitioner is not afraid of being hit or beaten, because under the influence of enkephalin, muscle reflex is decreased. Furthermore, through qigong, one can produce strong magnetic signals which have anesthetic and analgesic effects. This might explain certain qigong abilities such as Golden Bell Shield and Iron Cotton Clothes that protect one from being hurt during car accidents or physical confrontations.

There is a saying by some Ancient Masters ... 'To learn Martial Arts without internal Qigong, one will regret this for life. To learn internal Qigong without Martial Arts, one will enjoy countless wonders' ...

Qigong, Human Brain and Health

Since 1970, there have been a wide variety of reports that practising qigong and meditation may effect some physiological changes in the human body such as changes in metabolism, oxygen consumption, cardiac output, blood pressure, skin electricity, lactate concentration in the arteries, brain wave patterns, etc. Many reports show that qigong can be very effective for healing some stress-triggered illnesses, such as headaches, migraine, insomnia, and hypertension to name just a few. Some reports even indicate that qigong can cure some diseases and cancers. How does qigong affect human health? What is the real mechanism that qigong meditation triggers that leads to those physiological changes in the human body? Unfortunately, the answer is not yet very clear. This is the main reason that many people in the medical and scientific fields still question the effects of qigong. If we really want to promote qigong and make qigong acceptable to the majority of people, we cannot neglect these questions. As a medical engineer, I always consider this is a great challenge for those of us who care about scientific research in qigong. Since qigong is an inner mind and body training technique based on human consciousness, many scientists believe that the key is in understanding the mechanism of the mind and body interaction. In other words, finding out how the mind or consciousness effects and induces a series of physiological changes in human body is the first step to all the answers.

Even though not everyone agrees with the idea that the function of human mind and consciousness is just some kind of bio-electrical activities of our neurons or brain cells, recent developments in psychosomatic medicine have led more and more scientists to believe the human brain is the key to the understanding of the human mind. Dr. David Felten, a well-known professor of neurobiology at the University of Rochester, pointed out in an interview ... 'There is no way to separate human brain and mind because, ultimately, they're one and the same'.

For this reason, I am passionately interested in studying the progress of Qigong research as it relates to the human brain.

Qigong and the Immune System

Beta-endorphin is one kind of peptide hormone that is formed mainly by Tyrosine (one kind of amino acid). The molecular structure is very similar to morphine but with different chemical properties. Many scientists have found that beta-endorphins can activate human NK (Natural Killer) cells and boost the immune system against diseases and cancer cells. That explains why some patients can cure some diseases simply by practising Qigong meditation.

For a long time, many scientists believe that human immune system is autonomous and does not have any outside control. However, Dr. Felten discovered that human nerve fibers are in fact physically linked both to the human immune system as well as the nerve system. As a result, more and more scientists start to believe the immune system can be controlled to a certain degree by the human brain. The idea has led to the development of a new area of medical science - 'Psycho-neuro-immunology', and has attracted many peoples' attentions.

Some scientists believe this is the reason why people who practice mind adjustment in Qigong can be more in control of their health.

The Experiments

There are more and more scientific reports today supporting the fact that Qigong can effect the immune system and endorphon levels.

Dr. Higucchi, in his article 'Endocrine and Immune Response During Qigong meditation' (Journal of International Society of Life Information Scince Vol.14, No.2, 1996), reported about some tests conducted on two groups of people. All the members in the 'Qigong' group have practised qigong for at least one year while those in the other group (the 'Control' group) have not.

Everyone in both groups was checked for their endorphon level before, during and after meditation. After meditating for one hour, most people in the Qigong group showed an increase in endorphin level. By contrast, most people in the Control group showed no significant change while some showed a 35% decrease in endorphin level. Since a higher endorphin level is associated with better enpowerment to the immune system, some doctors start to believe that qigong can be a good healing method for some patients. Actually, beta-endorphins not only can strengthen the human immune system but also are very effective for pain control. For a long time, the mechanism of pain control by acupuncture has been a mystery to scientists.

Recent studies show that acupuncture stimulates the hypothalamus within the human brain and induces the release of beta-endorphins that affect the nerve tracts and control the pain. Practising qigong can achieve the same releasing effect of beta-endorphins, as does acupuncture. This provides a good explanation as to why qigong can be very effective for some patients who were suffering from chronic pain.

Qigong and the Human Brain

Why can Qigong and meditation effect the release of beta-endorphins from the human brain?

The exact mechanism is not yet clear. However, some scientists believe it may relate to the significant change in the alpha-wave of the EEG (brain wave) patterns. About four years ago, a number of scientists found the alpha-wave of EEG at the frontal lobe of a meditator during qigong state has a much stronger intensity than those taken from a non-qigong meditator. Since the frontal lobe of the human brain has a lot to do with human mind activities as well as a close link with the hypothalamus, a major source for the release of beta-endorphins, many scientists believe the increased intensity of the alpha-wave at the frontal lobe will stimulate the hypothalamus to release more beta-endorphins. That could possibly explain why the mechanism of qigong meditation effects the release of beta-endorphins so as to improve the immune system and the overall health.

Obviously, the release of beta-endorphins can only explain part of the picture about qigong and the mind and body interaction. But this is a good start. With continuous research efforts, I believe we would have a much clearer picture in the next few years. So far as qigong is concerned, Dr. Yan Xin has reminded us: "Save Qigong with Science."

Of course, Dr. Yan understands that Qigong still cannot be fully interpreted by today's scientific standards.

I believe what he really means is that only with a solid scientific foundation will Qigong be accepted by the rest of the world and thereby making qigong a real contribution to human health. I respect this attitude and I strongly believe this is the right way to promote Qigong.